$CHOW Whitepaper

Over the past year, the DeFi sector has exploded, and with good reason. Investors are looking for the best and easiest ways to grow their wallets. $CHOW aims to reimagine the concept of DeFi yield generation through a frictionless utility.

$CHOW is an innovative Ethereum token that charges a 3% transaction fee on every buy, sell, and transfer. This fee is then redistributed immediately to all $CHOW holders in proportion to the amount of $CHOW in their wallets.

To maximize holder return, the $CHOW smart contract prevents certain addresses, like the Uniswap pool and exchange wallets, from earning fees.

This utility allows for 100% of ALL fees generated to go directly to the holders of $CHOW. Because the transaction fee is higher than other tokens at 3%, holders are incentivized to keep their $CHOW, as the more they have, the more they earn.

Current Challenges within DeFi

There are many new tokens created and introduced to the crypto space on a weekly basis. The underlying challenge of each is to gain the trust of its community, as well as trust for its particular utilities and benefits.

To gain this trust, they must have secure contracts and products that operate as they should. Beyond this, DeFi projects must also provide benefits to holders. This is done through various mechanisms; the most common are staking, pools, or simply minting new tokens.

The call to consistently and substantially reward holders puts a lot of pressure on these projects and their teams. Unfortunately, many projects fail because of the complexities involved in maintaining and growing consumer confidence in the project.

The $CHOW Solution

We believe that simplicity is often the best method, and have developed $CHOW as such. The basic utility of $CHOW is to award holders with instant, frictionless rewards. These are paid directly to holders’ wallets without the need to collect manually.

Here are the main benefits of the frictionless yield rewards:

• No paying high gas fees to collect rewards

• No waiting period to collect rewards; $CHOW rewards are instant

• No staking or pool fees — most projects charge fees to stake, unstake, and to claim!

• The smart contract is simple and safe; complex code (that is vulnerable to hacks) is not needed to run its featured utilities. Moreover, $CHOW is audited by Solidity

100% of the 100 million tokens are in circulation. There will never be any additional $CHOW minted

• Liquidity is locked and there are NO team tokens, which removes any chance of a rug pull scenario

$CHOW the Trailblazer

As a passive income generator, $CHOW surpasses other similar tokens in the market with its 3% transaction fee, which provides more incentive for holders to keep their $CHOW. This utility has proven successful within other projects as a means to prevent rapid supply dumps which adversely affect prices.

But this advantage by itself simply isn’t enough to maintain the kind of continuous attention for the token that is required to optimize the holders’ investments. Therefore, we have created a utility that has not yet been seen in the crypto space at the time of writing.

We want to introduce you to the $CHOW Charity Wallet.

$CHOW Giving Back

The purpose of the $CHOW Charity Wallet is to create a sustainable future for the token and to give back to important causes in our everyday lives.

For $CHOW, this wallet will direct continuous interest to the token through charity drives. These charity drives will each run for a predetermined length of time, either through the $CHOW community, in collaboration with influencers, or in partnership with other projects.

For each charity drive, the charity wallet will begin with 1 million $CHOW, which has already been established through donations from various $CHOW holders. All $CHOW earned by this wallet over the duration of a given drive will be sold back into the market, and ALL proceeds will be donated directly to the chosen charity.

Each charity drive will be marketed in order to provide as much publicity and attention as possible to the needs of the chosen charity and to its connection with $CHOW. The more activity created during these events, the more $CHOW (and thus the more money) generated for the holders and for the charity.

This is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

How will the Charity Drives work?

• The community chooses a period / week(s) to hold their charity drive

• The community must work together to build excitement for their charity drive

• Remember, the greater the $CHOW trade volume and activity during the given period, the more $CHOW earned for the Charity Wallet

• At the conclusion of the event, all the earned $CHOW for that period will be sold, and all proceeds will be donated to the chosen charity

• The $CHOW Charity Wallet address is public for all to see and track. Proof of all donations will be posted on all $CHOW media outlets. Transparency is paramount to earning and maintaining the community’s trust!

Chow Chow Finance $CHOW charges a 3% transaction fee and re-distributes that fee directly to CHOW token holders without gas fees http://t.me/chowtoken