$CHOW — The Revolutionary Meme Token

In 2020 we saw the rapid rise of the DeFi sector of crypto. Thus

far in 2021 we are seeing an upsurge of another segment of crypto… The MEME Token Craze!

It seems like there are multiple new meme tokens dropped on us every week. With good marketing and an active community, some are getting a ton of hype and see 100x in a matter of weeks. There is a lot of money to be made if you chose the right one.

But how do you choose the best meme token since many are just copies of one another? Is it the name? The logo? Or is there a unique aspect to the token? Wouldn’t it be nice if a meme token became more than just a fun idea?

By reimagining what a meme token could be, $CHOW was conceived. The basic concepts of what we wanted $CHOW to

become are very simple. These pillars of the token were crafted precisely to create sustainable, long term growth for the project.

1. Passive Income Made Easy

We wanted investors to benefit from holding the token, therefore we created an attractive DeFi yield generation utility. $CHOW charges a 3% transaction fee and redistributes that fee to existing $CHOW holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction. It is frictionless yield with every single transaction straight to your

wallet. No need to pass staking fees, or high gas fees to collect. The more $CHOW you have and the longer you hold, the more you will earn. Passive income really can’t get any easier than this!

2. Become the FIRST Fully Dedicated Charity Crypto Project

We strongly believe in giving back to build better communities. With this in mind, we have created the first charity wallet in crypto. Our $CHOW Charity Wallet is our opportunity to give back. This is a wallet, just like all other $CHOW token holders.

The unique aspect of this wallet is that it will always begin with 1 million $CHOW (1% of total supply). All the earned $CHOW this wallet collects during a charity drive will be sold back into the market and donated directly to the charity we are partnered with. We are very honored to have Operation

Kindness as our first charity partner, and we are currently in negotiations with other charities for our next partnerships.

3. Introducing the World to Crypto

We sometimes get lost in our own interests and create a bubble around us with like minded people. Although many

of our friends are also into crypto, the reality is that most of the world are not. We strive to shine a positive, bright light on crypto through the charity donations. With the marketing efforts for each charity drive and the media coverage of the donations, we will reach thousands, and hopefully millions of people, that will be learning about our crypto community for the very first time.

Already during the first charity drive, we have heard from dozens of individuals that are hearing about $CHOW through our charity partnership and asking how they can buy $CHOW and learn more about the crypto community. This is very exciting for us to hear!

$CHOW aims to create a new era of meme tokens. We are the trailblazer into this new era that combines DeFi, passive income, giving back, and of course… cuteness!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join our community, earn passive income while helping others in need and remember, it’s okay to BEG: Buy $CHOW, Earn $CHOW, Give $CHOW!

Visit them at https://chowchow.finance/

Chow Chow Finance $CHOW charges a 3% transaction fee and re-distributes that fee directly to CHOW token holders without gas fees http://t.me/chowtoken